Information for couples wishing to be married at St Annes Syston

There is no prettier place to be married than St Annes Church Syston. Our Church building offers centuries of history. To find out if you are able to marry at St Annes church,simply telephone your enquiry and the Vicar will be able to help

Couples choose to marry in a church for all sorts of reasons, and we'd like to hear yours. The Curate in Charge has a vital role to play in your wedding. They can blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story. Because of the relationship with the Curate in Charge, your wedding can be made unique to you, which can be very emotional and meaningful.

If you would like to book a wedding at Syston you will need initially to contact the Curate in Charge, Reverend Rosemary Radcliffe.

Reverend will meet with you to discuss your wedding. You will then be referred to a booking secretary to Confirm your date.

When you come to the initial meeting please Bring with you both sets of identification, that is A passport or driving licence and a utility bill Or similar showing your present address.

If you are Divorced you should bring the decree absolute paper.

There are no toilets in the Church. However the Church Room will be open for the duration of your ceremony.

Please note because of other commitments we Are unable to arrange weddings on Sundays Nor during Holy Week ( which includes the weekend Before Easter ) We are also unable to offer dates between December 15th And January 6th.

You can also visit the Church of England’s dedicated website for information and ideas about your wedding in church.

If you simply need your banns of marriage called at St. Annes please contact the Curate in Charge ( telephone number as above ) who would be glad to help.

Occasionally couples have already married in a civil ceremony, but want to have their marriage blessed in church. And other couples want to celebrate special wedding anniversaries. We are happy to hold these services too

Check out details of St Annes Church Room in our separate leaflet,for your wedding reception. At 20feet 6 inches x 28 feet 5 inches there is ample space to seat 54 for a more formal meal. It is possible to have 60 to a buffet breakfast.

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