Arranging a Burial or Interment of Ashes at St. Annes Syston

Information about burials and interment of ashes at St Annes.

The first thing to do is choose a funeral director. It will help if you have to hand any last wishes of the deceased. You will also need to decide on a burial or cremation.

After this point the funeral director will be your link with the Curate in Charge, who will officiate at the service. You will need to let the Funeral Director know if you would like music or flowers in church. They will liaise on dates with the Curate in Charge, Church, and/or Crematorium .

The member of our clergy who is going to lead the service will need to visit you to obtain some information about the deceased person. After that friends and relatives will need to be made aware of the date and timing.

For interment of ashes you will need, initially, to telephone the Curate in Charge, Reverend Rosemary Radcliffe. Small square stones with an integrated vase are permitted to mark the position which will be in the lower graveyard.

O Lord support us all the day long,
Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes,
And the busy world is hushed
And the fever of life is over and our work is done.
Then Lord, in your mercy give us a safe lodging,
A holy rest and peace at the last.

- Cardinal John Henry Newman

You can also visit the Church of England’s dedicated website for information and ideas about your funeral in church.

Check out details of St Annes Church Room in our separate leaflet,for the wake after the funeral. At 20 feet 6 inches x 28 feet 5 inches there is ample space to seat 54 for a more formal meal. It is possible to have 60 to a buffet breakfast

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