Holding a Baptism at St Annes Syston

Information For Anyone wishing to Have a Baptism at St Annes Syston

Any baptism is the start of the wonderful journey of faith. Many children and babies have been baptised over the years in the centuries old font at St Annes Syston. You will be asked to name Godparents for babies and children, usually two Godmothers and one Godfather for girls and two Godfathers and One Godmother for boys.

You can have your child baptized at a christening regardless of whether or not you, the parents, are baptized.
It is only the godparents who are required to be baptized and ideally confirmed as well.

If you are thinking of asking a person who is under 18 to be a godparent, first talk to the Curate in Charge
who will be taking the service.

There is, however, no specified age for a child to be christened. Older persons may choose to be baptised for themselves. Visit the Church of England website for more information about Baptisms.

If you would like to book a baptism at St Annes you will need initially
to contact the Curate in Charge, Reverend Rosemary Radcliffe

Reverend will discuss with you the available dates for the service to take place.

If you live nearby but not in the parish either telephone the Curate in Charge or come and speak to us anyway as it may well still be possible

Alternately - why not come along and see us at a service?

Times of services are listed on the notice board on the outside wall of the Church Room in Gibbs lane.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to St Annes.

Check out details of St Annes Church Room in our separate leaflet, for your Baptism. At 20 feet 6 inches x 28 feet 5 inches there is ample space to seat 54 for a more formal meal. It is possible to have 60 for a buffet.

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